Ramus ® Graph Computing Suite

Uncover hidden and complex relationships in your data

Ramus ® Graph Computing Suite

Uncover hidden and complex relationships to derive actionable insights across both structured and unstructured disparate datasets in real-time.

Ramus Graph Computing Suite

The Ramus ® family of fully-integrated products. From left to right: Sagacity, Pathfinder, Mori, Aimi, Bonsai and Kodama. Illustrations © 2018 Jane Yang.

What is Ramus?

Ramus ®, meaning 'branch' in Latin, is a suite of cutting-edge and fully-integrated graph-computing-based applications designed to connect and analyze billions of pieces of disparate structured and unstructured data in real-time in order to uncover previously hidden and complex relationships within that data. Using a unique combination of advanced analytics, machine learning and both batch and real-time processing, Ramus ® is able to:

  • Connect together billions of data points across disparate datasets
  • Discover and make sense of previously hidden and highly complex relationships
  • Provide a single-view of data and holistic view of entities, events and behaviour
  • Automatically prioritise the relevance of relationships found amongst the countless links
  • Process data of any format - structured, semi-structured and unstructured

Cutting-Edge Features

Accurate Data Matching

Ramus utilises advanced Machine Learning techniques to perform Entity Resolution and Data Matching in order to accurately link together disparate datasets.

Process and Manage Huge Graphs

Deployed on distributed and scalable architecture, Ramus is able to support graphs consisting of hundreds of billions of vertices and edges across a multi-machine cluster.

Collaborative Visualisation

Ramus provides an intuitive, clean and collaborative web-based visualisation interface to allow users to interact with and manipulate graphs, allowing them to delve deeper into networks of interest.

Prioritisation and Workflow

Rather than trying to find the needle in the haystack, Ramus can intelligently prioritise entities, events, relationships and behaviour of interest using predictive models, rule engines and multi-dimensional scorecards.

Unified and Holistic Search

Ramus allows users to perform both entity-centric (name, address, e-mail etc.) and relationship-centric (nature of relationship, time of event etc.) searching holistically across the entire disparate data estate from one single application.

Use Cases

Ramus ® and Graph Computing can be applied to solve a huge range of real-world problems, including:

  • Fraud Detection
  • Combatting Organised & Financial Crime
  • Recommendation Systems
  • Customer 360
  • Complex Reasoning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Knowledge Graphs
  • Cyber Security & Intrusion Detection
  • Blockchain Analysis
  • Supply Chain Management and Optimisation
  • Master Data Management
  • Privacy and GDPR
  • And many more!

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Distributed Graph Computing

We here at Keisan love Graphs! We think that they are one of the cleanest and most beautiful ways to model and process data. Furthermore, they can be applied to a huge number of real-world use-cases and complex problems such as Artificial Intelligence, Complex Reasoning, Natural Language Processing, Recommendation Systems and Fraud Detection. Distributed Graph Computing frameworks and applications allow you to efficiently model, persist, manipulate, analyse and traverse huge graphs consisting of hundreds of billions of vertices and edges across a multi-machine cluster.

Apache TinkerPop
Apache TinkerPop

Apache TinkerPop is a Graph Computing Framework for Graph Databases (OLTP) and Graph Analytic Systems (OLAP). At its core, TinkerPop provides an API to create, manipulate and analyze Graphs. Amongst its many cool features, TinkerPop provides a Graph Traversal Language called Gremlin that allows users to perform all sorts of complex graph-based analytics, including path traversals, measures of centrality, cycle detection, random walks and calculating the shortest paths between given vertices.

Ramus Graph Computing

Ramus ® extends and implements the Apache TinkerPop framework. It provides a suite of fully-integrated graph-computing-based products built on distributed and scalable architecture. They deliver accurate entity resolution and data matching, distributed graph generation and persistence, collaborative visualisation, prioritisation and workflow, unified searching and an authorisation-based security framework.

Ramus ® Product Suite

Ramus ® is a suite of cutting-edge and fully-integrated graph-computing-based applications all designed to work together seamlessly deployed on the latest modern, scalable and secure technologies.

Ramus Mori
Ramus ® Mori

Ramus ® Mori is the heavy-lifter. Mori sets up and configures the underlying pre-requisite scalable infrastructure, applications and services so that they are ready to process the graph-based data generated by the other Ramus modules.

Ramus Bonsai
Ramus ® Bonsai

Ramus ® Bonsai is the data ingestion and cleansing engine. Bonsai can take raw data of any format and, with its libraries of cleansing and parsing scripts, standardise them into the graph-based data model and format required by Ramus ® Kodama in both batch and real-time.

Ramus Kodama
Ramus ® Kodama

Ramus ® Kodama is the wise guardian of Ramus ® Mori. Kodama builds the huge networks and search indexes and loads them into Ramus Mori. Kodama also implements the Authorisation Framework, ensuring that only those users provisioned with the correct roles and privileges can access granular graph objects in Ramus ® Mori.

Ramus Pathfinder
Ramus ® Pathfinder

Ramus ® Pathfinder is one of the two user-facing applications. Pathfinder allows users to visualise and interact with the networks built by Ramus ® Kodama, as well as performing unified searching and facilitating collaboration with other users across the organisation.

Ramus Aimi
Ramus ® Aimi

Ramus ® Aimi (Artificially Intelligent MachIne) is the intelligent computational and analytical engine driving Ramus ®. Aimi implements a hybrid combination of rule engines and predictive models, including Machine Learning, to assess entities, events and sub-networks across multiple themes, risks and threat types in order to generate multi-dimensional scorecards!

Ramus Sagacity
Ramus ® Sagacity

Ramus ® Sagacity is the second of the user-facing applications, and Ramus' Case Management system. It takes the results of Ramus ® Aimi's computations and presents them to the user via a fully-customisable workflow framework, allowing organisations to prioritise workloads, assign tasks to analysts, transition those tasks across a series of queues and states and generate intelligence reports.

Ramus ®
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